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If you don't like "mushy" things...stop reading now. :D

Daniel at his Mustache themed birthday party.

Last night, as Daniel let himself give in to sleep, I found myself wide awake, captured in thought by an overactive brain. These thoughts were not worrisome, but pleasant...they were about my husband. So, I wanted to brag about him:
- For over a year at the beginning of our marriage, I brought work baggage home, and complained a lot...took out my frustrations on him. He was patient with me all of that time, never pointing out how flawed my response was to a bad work situation. Even now, when I apologize repeatedly for that time in our life, he will shrug it off as if it was nothing.
- When I make up songs as I go about chores, he manages to harmonize with me. I don't know's like he knows what I'm about to sing.
- Only two people express support of my art, and make me feel proud of it, and he consistently does that. As an artist you can be self-conscious, because there is no clear answer, but he gives me confidence and assures me that he is not biased.
- He graciously puts up with my obsessions...and they can change in a matter of hours. One day I can be obsessed with Abbey Lee Kershaw, the next morning babies, a week later Vampire Diaries (it's a guilty pleasure...) and suddenly I could not care less about those, and I'll be all about Blythe Dolls.
- Daniel never pressures me about a conventional job. He supports me completely (more than I do myself) in freelancing. And though he realizes that my imagination is large, he knows I have a grasp on reality and will find something more conventional when we need it.
- He's silly. And releases the silliness in me. And he laughs with me. Instead of giving my a "you're crazy" look, he goes along with it.

Basically, he's the most awesome person I know. And I need to find ways to pay him back for the love, patience and joy he gives me.

There is no haze clouding the reality of how amazing Daniel is!

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few4th said...

Sounds like a super cool dude. I need to hang out with him sometime.

Aunt Angie said...

Mal, it sounds like you're in love :)
I'm thrilled that you two go that great together....that's really special!

Liz said...

Isn't it fun to brag on your husband!