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In May, I attended two memorial services. One was for a man who lived for 46,692,000 minutes. The other for a girl who lived for 3 minutes.

The first was a celebration of a life well lived. There were stories about how he loved his wife, was smitten with her all of their 56 years together and treated her with great care. There was laughter as his grandchildren remembered visits with him. I left hoping that I could leave such a legacy behind.

The second was harder. I choked back tears the entire time, and thanked God for Soren, and prayed that I would never see the day his soul left Earth. There weren't stories about who Lyla loved, but there were stories about who loved her. And her legacy. I can tell you that the legacy she leaves behind is greater than many can hope to leave in 80 or 100 years. She has a story of faith, hope and waiting. She leaves behind parents who love her, and trusted God's plan. The loss of children is never easy, but with God on our side we get through it and have the hope of being reunited with them in heaven.

Lyla wasn't healed on this Earth, but found herself fully formed and perfect in the arms of her Creator who loves her more than we can comprehend.

I hope to leave the legacy she does when my time here is over. You can read Lyla Hope's story here.


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