Our Big News

11:27 AM Mallory Nicole 2 Comments

7 months pregnant. Yes. We have waited a long time to put it online, but with only a couple of months left and the bump being a bit more obvious, we decided it was time. Our wee Wiese is due in the first days of October.

We are a mixture of excitement and nerves; for a long time the pregnancy was surreal (I didn't really start showing until a month and a half ago), but now that this baby will be here in 9 weeks or so, we're nervous.

The morning of the anatomy ultrasound we decided to find out if we were having a girl or a boy, with the intention of keeping that to ourselves until baby showers. Now our family knows, and with that friends in San Antonio, but we still have a couple of showers in Houston.

So, in two months we go from a family of three (we count Samson), to a family of four!

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Love your photos!

Cliff said...

And about two months after that you'll decide Samson should sleep outside. Poor puppy.