A Thank You Letter

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Just a few of our visitors.

To my dear friends who are in a child-less stage of life,

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart I thank you! You have made this time of my life so special! You have loved Soren and gawked over him, you have acted like proud Aunts (and a few Uncles), and let me talk about how cute I think he is.

I used to be more flexible; I used to try to meet you at your place or not demand a certain ime for things to happen. Now I have a very specific schedule, I have asked you to adhere to Soren's needs, and drive out to my place. I have told you to where Soren could eat and been more demanding. I can't tell you how hard it is for me to ask you to make these sacrifices, little or big. But you have been so gracious! You have been flexible, willing to drive, and so sweet; you always assure me that you are happy to do whatever you can.

You are the sweetest people I know, and now, more than ever, I have been SO thankful to have all of you in my life. When it's your turn to have the demanding little one, I will do my best to be flexible. When you have the sweet little human, I will do my best to be dote on him/her and love that little one ALMOST as much as I love mine.

There aren't better people in this world to surround Soren!

I love you all and am humbled by you!



Reading, Playing, Dining

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Apartment Therapy started a "Style Cure" for the month; if you sign up, then they send emails helping you transform one room in your house. I was curious, so I signed up...not knowing what room I would do. My house has  "formal" living and dining room that are essentially one room. We started out using our "formal" living as a library/music room. In an effort to keep our house child friendly, we moved all books and knick knacks up 2 shelves, designating the bottom portion as Soren's toy shelves. So now we have one room that is a dining room, play room and library.

Thursday I was told to think about one part of my house that is perfect in my mind. I immediately knew it was the piano. On top we have jars painted gold, a figure of a lady painted neon pink, a record player and records.

Now I'm collecting images for inspiration. Here are a few that I liked:

neon leg accent for my black table

illustration, cute baskets and use of rugs

a new pendant light for my dining room

hooks for dress up clothing

I'm hoping to paint this giant room a light gray, but I'm not up for the task by myself. Maybe, if I had 10 people come over with a roller, it would take no time at all? Who is up for it? ;)

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Almost 10 Months Old

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We have a goofball! He makes about 10,000 different faces a minute. Each age truly is more fun.

How about that top left photo? Cracks me up. He'll probably hate me for that photo when he's 12. But for now he doesn't care!

What I am loving about this current age:

• High fives
• Proud smiles when he does something new.
• Watching him explore the house. I love seeing him grab toys, pull up on everything, look out windows. Downside: my floors are never clean enough. He always finds something to put in his mouth.
• The comfort he finds in his blanket. He grabs a corner of it while sucking his thumb.
• I've started getting kisses from him. The other day I was laying on the floor, and he crawled over and kissed my forehead. It melted my heart.
• Whistling...he whistles! I didn't know this would be a thing, but it is.
• He likes being chased. Just a few days ago he started playing with us. He crawls at super speed and laughs while you crawl behind him. Yesterday he tried to get Samson to chase him, but it didn't really work.
• Rolling toys. He started by rolling a cylinder around, and then we showed him a car can roll, too. I'll be in the kitchen and hear the rattle of the car on tile.