Delightful Plush Toys

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These plush animals are super cute! You can find them in the Etsy shop Poosac.


Blanket Forts

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I hope that most of us have great memories of making blanket forts out of the dining room chairs and spending the night in them. I sure do! My dad would get put the couch cushions in it, and we would sleep there and tell stories. At 13 my parents bought me a tent. I never once used it outside, but I slept in it for a week...during the school year. I remember being so excited that my parents let me do that.

Obviously, Daniel and I look forward to a time when Soren thinks that is the best thing ever, so here are a few tents and teepees that I think are so cool.

And this re-purposed closet is delightful!

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Dream Job

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I recently asked my brother and sister-in-law what their dream job is; if you could have the appropriate education/training, what would you do?

I've always said a photographer with a mixture of editorial and travel photography. (I love graphic design, but I love travel more.) Today I decided that I would love to be a resource for travelers...taking photos around the world of great places to visit for those who prefer to wander instead of plan. The dream. Sigh.

Do you have a dream job?


I Love You

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I have been thinking a lot about all of the issues the US has been fighting out lately: life vs choice, what equality is, the definition of marriage. It is a lot to take in, and it's not because I agree or disagree with what's going on.

 “Love is the expression of the one who loves, not of the one who is loved. Those who think they can love only the people they prefer do not love at all. Love discovers truths about individuals that others cannot see.”                                        - Søren Kierkegaard

We were made to love and be loved, but we became hateful. Not just the conservative side, or the liberal side or those in the middle. I have read and heard such hateful words coming from every kind of person. How do you change someone's mind by returning their hateful words and actions with more hate? LOVE. It's the answer.

I'm not here to tell you what I think about any of these issues. If you want to know, we can sit down for coffee or dinner and talk about what we think with open hearts. I am here to tell you that I love you; it doesn't matter what you believe, who you love, what happened in your past. We can disagree on every issue. We will agree to disagree, and I will treat you with love and respect. I will also fail you many times. I'm not perfect, frustration and selfishness will get in the way. I apologize to you now.

Wherever you live, whether or not we have met, if you are having a day, week or month where you feel lonely and unloved, know that you are thought of, someone is praying that you feel loved. If I could, I would be there for you.

If you feel unheard or unloved, email me. If you need to lay your burdens on someone, email me. If you are having the best day and want to share it, email me. I will love you the best I can.