Confessions - Food Edition

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What a week and a half we have had. We started with doctor appointments (possibly more on that), followed by house deep clean for our new crawler and Vacation Bible School prep, then Vacation Bible School, which led to a stomach virus passing through our family and now teething. Daniel still has the stomach bug, and I am trying to keep everything disinfected so we don't carry our germs outside this house of ours.

In the mean time I bring you...

Confessions - Food Edition:
• I want to move out of Texas, and I want to bring HEB with me. I love HEB. I have the best one.
• I like a variety of foods, but the ones I hate tend to be white (cauliflower, mayo, white gravy, some 
  sort of chicken helper my mom used to make me eat and it's white)
• I hate mayo. I hate cauliflower. For some reason those two blended together with garlic is delicious.
  I still don't know why.
• I buy HEB brand or cheaper brands of food generally, but I will splurge on olive oil. I love olive oil!
• I don't want to be around someone eating peanut butter, I don't want to think about globs of it on
  my sandwich, but I still love putting it on toast and apples.
• When I'm not nursing a baby, I eat a little bit at a meal. My stomach doesn't hold that much. If you
  don't live with me, what you don't see is that I am eating all of the time. All kinds of stuff. Mostly
  cheese, bread and desserts.
• Our family thinks I refuse taking desserts home to force Daniel away from dessert. The truth is I can
  easily eat 8 cookies in a day and not even realize it. I'm saving myself!
• Baby Led Weaning (more on that later) has opened my eyes to the freezer world. I make batches of made-from-scratch good food for the whole family. We enjoy such delicious things like pesto, homemade pizza sauce, peaches, pancakes with bananas. So many things! I eat so well now!

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