A Little Bit About Make Up, A Little Bit About Branding

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I don't like to wear a lot of makeup, because I hate the caked on look, and while I am not old, I certainly am losing any youthful glow I once had.  When my cheap foundation was causing skin problems I had to make a change.  So I decided to look at some better quality foundations.

I have loved Benefit Cosmetics branding for a few years now, so I wanted to try their foundation. I got a sample. I can say, I am super excited about it! It's not thick, it doesn't look like you've caked make up on, and it has an SPF 25. So. For those who care about it, it's worth the $36. Now I just have to go buy the bottle.

If you don't care about make up. Check out the great branding Benefit Cosmetics uses. They know their target group!


A Fourth Anniversary

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Four years. It's just the beginning of our lives together, but so much has already happened.

Year 1: Daniel finished his last year of school and graduated.

Year 2: We got a dog and bought our first house.

Year 3: I was unexpectedly laid off from my job. A few months later we found out Soren would be here at the end of the year, and we traveled through the Mediterranean.

Year 4: God continues to provide enough money for us to pay our bills and have a pretty good life. Soren arrived and we were thrown into parenthood.

Year 5: Starts today, and I can't wait to see what year 100 will be like!

He is my best friend and he knows my heart better than anyone! I love you beyond words, Daniel!


Humans of New York

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I'm probably so late in finding Humans of New York, but it is so interesting. This photographer started out taking photos of New Yorkers and now he takes photos from all over, while getting quotes or short stories from them. There are so many interesting characters around us, and it's neat that someone is willing to ask about them!


A Photo A Day - Tips

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Let me start this off by saying I am not a professional photographer. I use a Canon Digital REbel XTi and a speedlite external flash. I do love photography, so I have taught myself this and that about it, and have taken some photos for people, but I don't consider myself professional by any means.

On December 31, I decided I would take a photo of Soren everyday for 1 year. I missed the first two days by accident, but have managed to do it everyday since. It's a big undertaking, but now it's part of our daily routine. It has been so fun, and Daniel and I already love going through the photos from January and seeing how different Soren looks.

Usually I post only photos that look good, but I want you to see that I take a lot of photos each day and different things can go wrong. Above are photos of Samson walking through the frame. Some days he just stands in front of the camera to by annoyance. If Samson isn't walking into the frame, then he is causing distraction. Soren LOVES watching Samson, so I have hundreds of profile photos of Soren.
 Some days Soren cries and we have to go through multiple attempts to photograph him. Other times he just seems to have lost his ability to sit up, or he blinks during photos and ends up looking drunk. There has been spit up and drool, and the biggest pimple ever (big for an adult, humongous for a baby). There has been bad lighting, and blurry photos.

After time you get your stride, you learn to laugh at the drunken looking faces and may even include them in your final album. It is rewarding and I know it will be worth it at the end of the year when I have a documentation of the year Soren changes the most.

Here are some thoughts on doing your own album:

1. Have a plan.
December 31 I decided that I would get him at his different stages. While he couldn't sit, I would lay him down for a photo. Now that he sits, I take photos of him that way. When he's crawling, I'll include some photos of him crawling by.
I also wanted to keep the background consistent as long as photos were from home. This way background doesn't distract from the face.

2. Don't worry about sticking to the plan.
I know. What's the point in having a plan? It's like having a baby. Before they are here there are things you want to do, but then you meet your baby and they don't want to do those things. You may get into the photo a day and find what's not working. It's alright to change.

3. Don't over do it.
I thought it would be cool to have special things to signify holidays, when he's hit a new month and document each milestone (those that can't be photographed). I knew this would be too much for me, and I wouldn't succeed. Since I am a designer, I plan on going through the album and writing on different photos to signify a new month of life, a birthday and major holidays.

4. Have a fun song to sing or a toy to distract.
When Soren was a couple of months old Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble" was on ALL OF THE TIME. It was stuck in my head. I'd sing it to him while changing diapers, and he started smiling at it. He recognizes the song and smiles at it every time, so I sing it to him everytime we're taking photos. Keep your distraction consistent, the familiarity helps them know what is going on.

5. Don't worry about having a smile in every photo.
When I am choosing the photo for each day, I try to get a variety of facial expressions. I want to remember all of it!

6. Keep up with your photos.
Every two weeks or so I upload photos onto my computer. I choose a photo that I like from each day and edit it. It is then saved with the date as the file name. You don't want to be overwhelmed with hundreds of photos at the end of the year; it's likely you would never get your album finished if you had a flood of photos to go through.

7. Decide how you are going to display the photos before you start.
This may determine how you handle your photography. You can buy an album and slide photos in there. You can go to a somewhere such a Blurb to print a book (they provide templates so you don't have to worry about the design).

And some days you get such sweet photos that you might want to print in a large size.


A Change in Heart

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Soren has been a sweet boy lately, making decisions to cuddle even when he's not tired, to kiss and to give admiring smiles. I can honestly say that I have never wanted him to stay a tiny baby, but now, now I want him to stay in this stage a little longer.

I think of Soren the preteen who is embarrassed by his mom and wants some space, and teenage Soren who is gaining his independence and preparing to leave our home. And worst (in my eyes) of all, is when another girl becomes the center of his life. When that baby comes into your life, you change. I thought I'd be working full-time happily, but I'm attached and the thought of being away from him 50 hours a week scares me.

Soren isn't mine and never will be. He was given to us, a body to nourish and a soul to teach and train. There will come a time when we no longer have a say in what he does, we no longer get priority and I have to be okay with that.

My heart is all in, and before I know it, it will have to loosen its hold. Until then I will enjoy the journey!


Lovely Illustrations

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Love these illustrated cards. Find them at Quill and Fox.


The Eames

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Life would be so beautiful if everything was designed with the sensibility of Charles and Ray Eames.
Many of their designs are part of my dream furniture. Especially the Lounge Chair and Ottoman below. It's on my amazon wishlist. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Eames, you should look them up! They are a fascinating creative couple, designing during the mid 20th century. Their product design is iconic of mid-century modern.

You can find their products here.