Soren's Party

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I decided a few weeks ago that I would not go crazy over Soren's first birthday. I kept it simple while honoring the year of survival the three of us went through. My friend Claire of Claire's Confections made a delicious cake for us. The inside of the cake was multicolored, but I did not manage to take a photo of that. I wanted a dinosaurs in hot air balloons theme, so I created some cake toppers. The balloon was drawn and water colored by me. I ordered some little dinosaurs to put in favor bags and used three for the cake toppers. I painted them gold, then drilled holes in them to stick skewers in. Then I made tiny bow ties and top hats out of construction paper.

Soren lived under the motto "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to," whenever we tried to take a photo of him in front of the backdrop I made. I never got a good photo of his bow tie.

The cupcake was devoured in a couple of minutes. It turns out, if you go the "baby led weaning" route, the 1 year old is quite skilled at eating and he certainly showcased that. I loved that he licked his fingers, then had a sugar daze of sorts, followed by a realization that he just had so much fun.

He received a lot of books for Soren's library and are so happy to have such a selection!


Soren Visits the Zoo

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On Soren's birthday Daniel and I wanted time with just the three of us to open present, go to the zoo and try ice cream.

First he "opened" his present from us. This series of photos makes it seem as though he peeked into the bag and was really excited about what he got. In reality, he was playing with the bag and then started "singing." He never actually opened the present; the gift bag was far more exciting.

We enjoyed looking at the meerkats. One happened to sit right next to the glass so his first animal viewing was easy to see.

 Elephants were a pretty big hit. He actually laughed at them, and I could have stood there with him all day, but knowing our time was limited with good spirits, we moved on.

Since it's still in the 90s in October, we enjoyed the misting fans a lot. We probably got the most smiles out of him while at the fans. I love the way his hair flies!

He also enjoyed a few monkeys. I have ice cream tasting photos on my phone. But really the video captures the experience much better. He enjoyed his first taste of sugar and ate most of our ice cream. We let him since it was his birthday.



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Generosity has been on my mind a lot. There seems to be a tendency, especially in the media, to expect the rich 1% to give their money, because they have it. When you consider our lives compared to most of the world, we have it good, too. What can we give up to give to someone struggling?

Beyond money we have so many other things we can give: time, services, words. And words have been what I’ve been thinking about the most. It’s so easy to talk bad about someone or criticize, isn’t it? But our world is full of it. Why not compliment a stranger on an outfit? Or tell a friend that you are proud of them for something specific? Our world could use more kindness.

I’ve been trying to make an effort lately, but you know what stops me? Pride. I don’t want to be embarrassed, or for someone to think I am saying something for self-serving purposes. It doesn’t matter what other people think if my heart is in it, and really…it’s just a lousy excuse.

Look for ways to encourage people this week whether they are strangers, acquaintances or friends.


Happy First Birthday!

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One year. I have been reflecting on it for a few weeks now. He and I have changed so much. My arms don’t recognize how much he’s grown, having found their strength in his care. Not until I hold a small baby do I realize how much he has grown.

As I rocked him to sleep on his last night before he is one, I couldn’t help but reflect on all of our changes, and ponder our changes to come. While it has been a joy to watch my tiny, helpless baby turn into a toddler with preferences and desires, what I find more amazing is the complete change an adult can go through. I have found deep within me patience I did not know I had, love that can consume me, and a fierce amount of protection that scares me.
Everyday my love for this little boy grows, and I look forward to seeing its strength in each new year of his life.
Sweet sweet Soren, you make me a better person and I am so lucky to be your mama!