Textured Painting DIY

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 I know...two DIY posts in one week! But it's been a productive week!

Some rooms have been neglected in my house. One in particular is the guest room, and we hate the idea that people stay with us, and the room has no mood whatsoever. With our state of finances, and the free time I am endowed with, I have to make decorations. FINE BY ME!
I wanted to create a geometric painting (it has no significance), but didn't want a flat piece. So i created some texture. Here's how you can do it:
1. Use a flat edge to spread spackle on your canvas. (A metal spatula is best, if you have one. I figured out where mine was hidden AFTER I applied spackle.) It's up to you how much or little you apply. Remember, the more you put on, the more little crevices you will have to work at getting paint into.
2. Once the spackle has dried (it should be white when it is dry), apply the background color. I used a heavy acrylic paint. The crevices will be difficult, make sure you take a small brush, if necessary, to fill in tighter areas.
If you're layering paints (as I am) it is important to remember that it is easier to cover light colors with dark, so paint the light color first. 
3. Let your paint dry really well. You don't want colors to smear together just because the base wasn't dry yet.

4. If you are looking for a more precise painting, draw out shapes you'll be using. I was really hoping for a specific sized triangle, so I made my measurements and drew them accordingly.
5. Cut out shapes.
6. Place cut out shape in desired place. Trace. 
7. Paint the edges first. If you are not adding texture, you can use blue tape to keep a straight edge. With all of the spackle on this canvas I had to just go very slowly, and embrace little mistakes.
8. Fill in shapes with paint. You may have to go over some areas again.

Now I have to get another canvas to paint and hang above the other lamp (not pictured). The guest room is getting a little more personality...we just need to invest in a comforter, instead of using a quilt that doesn't match!
Good luck painting!


Create It Yourself

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My guestroom needed a little something. It has been neglected since I never use it. 

I used blue tape to create a grid on the wall. If you get 1 inch thick tape then that can be used as a spacer between the photos. Put two long strips on the horizontal and vertical center, and from there use small pieces of tape in between photos. Make sure you use lots of double sided tape so the photos don't fall...I've had to redo my wall because I didn't use enough tape.

I didn't want any sort of permanent fixture, because as more photos were taken I wanted to switch them out. So, I may end up putting photo corners on a poster board and slide the photos in that.

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone using Instagram or Hipstamatic. I love these apps...any time I can have the look of analog, I'm happy!


Photo Book

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I've never been one for photo albums...at least not the ones that photos slide in and out. It' s not the slide factor that bugs me, it's how they don't say much about what is in the photos.
Book cover - Photo from Smilebooth

So I'm creating a photo book of 2011. I don't want just photos, but what this year is like. What photos were "iconic," the goals we had for this year and anything that will remind us of who we were when we look back at this book in 2061.
 So, you can get them printed at blurb, with options for sizes and soft or hard cover. Obviously, I can't get it printed yet, because I still have 2.5 months left of this year. But it is fun to continue working on!
Most importantly, don't just let your photos sit on your computer forever, forgotten and lost!
Where is your favorite place to keep photos?


Time Well Spent

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It is weird that going home by myself just made me feel like I was on Spring Break during my early college years. I didn't have to miss Daniel, because it was like being in another part of my life.
These photos are some of my favorite moments at home.
Photo 1: Never EVER estimate the will of Becky Buck (my mom); if she thinks something needs to get done, it will! In this case, a fake tree on this ledge, only reachable by one of those giant ladders, needs to come down. Of course, her thought is, those ladders are too troublesome to actually use. Solution? Tip over tree with 20ft pole. What you are seeing is what happens when you tip it...it hangs upside down. And I'm smart enough to know that she'll drop it on my head if I get near it. So I just take a picture. 20 seconds after this photo the tree falls to the floor, almost flatting my dog, while my mom and I crack up at the clumsy take down of that tree. My dad rolled his eyes when we told him.

Photo 2: My dad looks like he's concentrating on something REALLY important. He's really just watching CSI.

Photo 3: Samson has no issue posing, much to the envy of my mom. I saw a basket, and thought "Puppy in a basket? Why not?"
Last week was full of pretty good laughs. My mom is funny!

I really look forward to showing you a couple of projects I've been working on!


A Glimpse of Truth?

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 Often I cannot easily relay a dream to someone else, as I'm sure many have trouble, mostly due to being in one place, and suddenly we're in another. As I thought about it, I realized that our subconscious may be able to grasp a lack of time.

If God exists outside of time, if it is just part of the curse that man took when they fell in the Garden of Eden, then reality is eternity and a lack of time. Maybe our subconscious is the only part of us that can grasp this. Maybe our dreams are the only place where we can fathom things that rationalization hinders.

These are the thoughts that the name of this blog comes from.

By the way, I dream A LOT. I have a couple of dreams a night. Sometimes 4.

Do you have crazy dreams that you understand while having them, but the more you go through your day, the foggier they get?


On an Adventure

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Oh! Hello! I'm currently in San Antonio! I'll be a bit sporadic this week with all of the box moving I'm helping my mom with. My parents are about to build a custom home, and are currently moving out of the house I lived in for the longest amount of time. It's weird...mostly because nothing about San Antonio will be familiar any more.

But I do enjoy giving my parents some quality time with me. Not that I'm the most delightful person, but my parents seem to favor me. Weird.

I did have a thought this weekend, and I'm curious to hear what you guys think, so I'll be posting it later this week!

Think positive this week! Give a compliment to someone who doesn't normally hear your accolades!