Day Dreams

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Daydreaming has been on my mind.

I could win a prize in daydreams; I go into depth of what I want to happen. But, let me be frank, often my daydreams end up disappointing me, because they aren't real, and they probably won't happen.
I daydreams come in wide variety:

• I've been an actress in a rave movie and gotten past my fear of people watching me.
• I've moved to California and become a great designer/photographer.
• I've been a highly desired photographer, doing shoots for fashion and travel.
• I've casually run into various famous people and made a difference in their lives.
• I've owned tiny elephants.

Right now I can't help but daydream about jobs. I get so caught up in a daydreams about various companies that have open positions that I qualify for, but they require a move; something harder to do as a couple. I daydream about the ways it will boost my design, and career.

The daydream I need to get lost in now is my trip to Venice, Italy and the subsequent Mediterranean cruise. It's not far off (after 2.5 years of planning it), and it's real.

What sort of daydreams do you get caught in?



6:47 PM Mallory Nicole 2 Comments

I redesigned my Mallory Nicole Design & Illustration logo today, refreshing my portfolio and resume as well. I feel better. I've also been working on a wedding invite.

Today's February Photoaday prompt was "sun," but I forgot about it until the sun set. So, in honor of my missed photo, here are a couple of West Palm Beach photos I recently edited.


Oh, Hello

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I'm alive. I promise. One of the worse sicknesses I get are a case of the lazies. Seriously, it is hard to shake. For a couple of weeks I have only taken care of what I needed to. It's bad. But I feel like I'm back on track! So I leave you with photos of my awesome dolls. (thinking about putting the first one in the guestroom.)