Photo Shannanigans

1:56 PM Mallory Nicole 2 Comments

The Wiese side of my family took photos on Thanksgiving day. I was put in charge, and super's fun designing something personal to you.

This is the final Christmas cards, though the colors are a bit washed out here.
Some of my other favorites are below.

My favorite part of the top photo is probably Mom and Dad Wiese.

Yes, my husband is the one doing some sort of weird "model" pose. If you were to expand this frame to the left you would see me making the same face as my SIL Amy. 

And last but not least, the Wiese brothers. This is my joke Christmas card, the Wiese brothers at their finest. This photo was inspired by awkward family photos. :D

Next week I'm going to make Dan take photos with me...using a remote to shoot. It'll be interesting...

Hope you had a Thanksgiving as fun as we did!

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T said...

That is super cute!

Liz said...

Fun photos! And fun for you to be able to use your talent!