A Busy Season

1:55 PM Mallory Nicole 0 Comments

The pops of color are so great in this room. Working that into my guest room!

I've been quiet here lately, but I've been keeping myself busy:

• Full-time office job hunting
• Keeping up my own design/illustration/photo business
• Planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party (making them awesome on a budget is a challenge)
• Secretly giving awesome advice for a bachelor party
• Making art for a room redecoration that needs done desperately
• Finishing off final details of vacation, while getting super excited (how early is too early to pack?)
• Going to shows for my husband's band! (He's the bass player)

And trying to remain social, meeting new people, plus general house care. It seems like I always have appointments, meetings, and such at 2 pm. I don't know why that's the magical number.
I'm loving this time though; I feel productive, and life is good. Design has been rolling in, and I traded photography for a cake. Life is swell!

Last October I said 2012 will be great. I can say that the above list (minus vacation) was not in my plans for 2012, but I know it's going to be the best year yet!