French Fries & Fur Photoshoot

9:47 AM Mallory Nicole 0 Comments

I've been VERY quiet lately. I was busy painting a breakfast room, and sitting on a couch. :D
I found out the hard way that unless your walls are pure white, yellow is not an easy color to paint. My walls were already pretty light, so I thought I didn't need primer. Well, I did. So, always use primer while painting a light color!
The real reason I wanted to post today is because I had the opportunity to watch my friend's dreams come true. She is starting a vintage line and I got to help her with a photo shoot she set up. Be on the lookout for French Fries & Fur! Especially if you like to mix things up! The model she choose suits her vision perfectly and the locations were some of my favorite: Hermann park and Montrose. Some sneak peeks are below...just iPhone photos. Nothing fancy! And the photographer is awesome, too! Can't wait to see the editted film. Yes, she uses film! I'm in love.

Photos of Leah and her model & Agora Cafe

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