2012 Goals

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Last January, I decided I would create goals for 2011. Daniel and I make a list of goals together, and then I make one for myself. We are so happy to have completed all of our goals!
Between the two sets, I had 11 goals I was trying to complete. Some are one time, but most are long lasting and I hope to carry them on.

2011 goals as a couple:

Buy a House - we were planning on buying one in November, and ended up buying one in March.

Travel out of State - Our honeymoon was the last time we left Texas. We went to Missouri and Florida this year.

Hang out with 2 married couples a month - If you're the first of your friends to get married, there is no one to tell you how important it is to connect with married couples. We maintain our college friends, while still hanging out with our new married friends.

Give to our church

My list (only a couple that I'm most proud of):
Get a New Job - In August I was let go with no reason, and since I've worked at freelance. It barely brings money now, but it is work, and I'm happier than I was when we had two incomes going.

Be positive - The stress from work made me a negative person. I took things out on Daniel, things that didn't matter. When I talked to people I talked about how horrible I felt at work. In April, it was like a switch was flipped. I tried my hardest not to talk negatively about work, not to allow anger to get a hold of me at work, and I became more of a wife and friend that I knew I needed to be. It's a goal I will continue to work towards, but now I feel it's part of me, striving for joy.

I wanted to share my own goals for 2012. They're written on my chalkboard wall, and a paper that I'll hang up somewhere I see often.
1. I need to build up a base clientele. I have a couple of things in the works, and hope they work out.
2. An idea for a book came into my head. I've researched and daydreamed about it, but I have never focused. It's time to do that.
3.The larger you draw, the more detail you have to put in to complete it. This is my way of working on a big project with lots of focus and time.
4. I need to do this for me. To encourage myself to seek out work, and to feel useful. If I have to work part-time to supplement my freelance income, then that's what I'll do.

Creating a set of goals is so great. Do you set some? If yes, what are some of them? If not, I encourage you to, and display them where you'll see them everyday.

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Teresa said...

Awesome goals! I like your idea to put them where you can see them every day!

Tabitha said...

What's your graphics/photography rate? I've been pretty impressed with some of the graphics work that you've posted and I love your photographs. I don't have anything in mind right now, but I would love to pay someone I know and love when I do.

Tabitha, I don't have any photo rate set in place. It'd probably depend on what is being photographed.
My design rate is $30/hour.
Thanks for asking and reading!