A Lovely Castle

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As a young girl, if you asked me my favorite kind of tree, I'd tell you it was a willow tree (you can thank the newly released Pocahontas for that). And I have to say, it is probably still my favorite kind of tree; I blame Leeds Castle for rekindling that love.  It's grounds are so beautiful with many trees and flowers, a man made lake/moat, a maze and, of course, a lovely castle.

My husband was traveling to the south east of England for work, and we somehow managed to get tickets for me to tag along. AND my amazing friend was willing to go with me, so I would have a travel buddy while my husband spent all day working. She's in the picture below...her last name is my first name, which I have found hilarious since it is rare to meet someone who shares my name.

So, she tolerated me telling her where to stand and what to do. I tried my best not to go crazy taking pictures of her. We arrived at our hotel with just a few hours before closing, and by the time we were on the grounds we had a couple of hours. This was after 15 hours of planes/layovers and various underground and train rides, but worth it!

If you go to Leeds Castle, plan to be there long enough to see the castle, wander the maze, and have a picnic in one of the many serene spots. If anyone wants to have engagement photos there, or portraits, I'd be happy to be there again (and probably Rachel, too). I really do wish I'd spent more time there, and hope to take my whole family for a day of mazes, playgrounds and picnics.

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