About Mallory

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Hi! Glad you're here. I'm Mallory; let's be friends! If we're friends, here is what you need to know:

• I love to travel. My list gets longer everyday; you'll probably hear about my daydreams. We can day dream together.

• Netflix fills almost all my evenings. With two small children, we're stuck at home from about 7pm on while they sleep. I find myself comparing life to How I Met Your Mother and The Office more often than I should. You'll also find me watching Doctor Who (I'm all about the 11th doctor) and Harry Potter.

• I've been married to that guy ^^ for 7 years. If there really is a "reacher" and a "settler," I'm the "reacher." He's amazing! He is so supportive, and gracious. He's also super funny. And the calm to my sometimes crazy. If you don't know him, I feel bad for you.

 • I have two kids. They're adorable. And sweet. I often pretend it's their genetics, but really, they're just amazing. S is pensive, particular and always trying to crack jokes. A is go with the flow, bouncy and LOVES her brother. I can't wait for lots of adventures with them!

• My friends, well, they're amazing! I try to give back to them, but I'm the "reacher" once again. They make me feel cool, and are so supportive. You should have friends like them!

I'd love to hang out with you and the ones you love. Oh, there will be photos, too. Mostly, though, we'll have fun together. I love an adventure, so let's find one together!