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A friend once told me that works of literature are prophesies of the future. That has long stuck in my mind. As a lover of works of fantasy, I often hope that the fictional pieces I read have some truth, but know that there probably isn't a Hogwarts. Some books, though, seem like a more accurate prediction of our future society and world, often spinning a bleak state of living, a lack of freedom.
The Hunger Games are one of those bits of literature.  It is important to read literature like this, with an open mind, interpreting and comparing them to present times.
Have you read this series yet? So good!
I know this series is meant for young adults, but what I love about it is you get straight to the story, not lost in details and the authors ramblings of what they believe (ever read the 50 page speech in Atlas Shrugged, the one that states everything the author had already said in the book?). Of course, those kinds of books are important, too, but sometimes my mind just likes a break.
While reading this series, I often thought of 1984 and Brave New World, about the control of government, and the perversion of society. It really made me think about the path our world is on. The importance of freedom. And the imperfection of all people, leaders or not.
Now that I’ve made this book sound depressing, read it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. My husband can’t even put them down. And he’s much less prone to obsession!
 What are some of your favorite books? Why?

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