Photo Book

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I've never been one for photo least not the ones that photos slide in and out. It' s not the slide factor that bugs me, it's how they don't say much about what is in the photos.
Book cover - Photo from Smilebooth

So I'm creating a photo book of 2011. I don't want just photos, but what this year is like. What photos were "iconic," the goals we had for this year and anything that will remind us of who we were when we look back at this book in 2061.
 So, you can get them printed at blurb, with options for sizes and soft or hard cover. Obviously, I can't get it printed yet, because I still have 2.5 months left of this year. But it is fun to continue working on!
Most importantly, don't just let your photos sit on your computer forever, forgotten and lost!
Where is your favorite place to keep photos?

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