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top-left: A drawing I created based off of one of my favorite books/movies, Howl's Moving Castle.
top-right: A series of drawings I create for Daniel, each a different version/style of us. Zombies, Anime, so on.
bottom-left: These are Munny, you can paint them, draw on them, glue things to them. They are going to spell
    out W-I-E-S-E...I need three more...and will go on our mantle.
     bottom-right: One of our tray tables (unfinished). They need a bit more flair and personality.

For the past few weeks I've been thinking about the definition of design. The fact is the rules for design change as our generations change. Bauhaus deemed certain qualities as more desirable than others. Postmodernism went the exact opposite way.

I've concluded that design is personal. So design for your life.

Since I have design experience and believe that handmade elements are important in design, I have spent time making my home a representation of who Daniel and I are together.

I realize that not everyone feels they're capable of making something their own. That's why designers get paid to help visualize. If you ever hire a designer, they should make sure the piece reflects you (or your target audience, if that's the case). 

    These little photos are pieces of me.
    top-left: chalkboard wall in my studio
    top-right: stripes I painted on my Ikea dresser. I'm really happy about the added personality.
    bottom-left: word wall. Inspiring words that speak to me are added onto this wall. It is something I plan on
    adding onto as words come.
    bottom-right: the pink lady.

We were made uniquely, and we insult a creative God if we hide under expectations.

So this weekend - Express YOURSELF!

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