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8:52 AM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments

Looking for a job these days is hard enough, but when you decide to become a freelance designer you can be at a loss. How do you find contract work when your one of your previous employers is asking you for volunteer work, and the other doesn't pay vendors? How do you use your contacts when you mostly know teachers? I'd be lying if I said I have complete confidence in what I am attempting. I have goals for the next year: buy a car, go to the Mediterranean, make extra payments on my house, and many others. And I'm not one to have debts, so when I consider all of these thing, a tightness fills my chest.
In my 6 weeks out of work, I have remained calm, kept worry at bay, but it's starting to haunt me. But I have faith that God provides and He will provide enough for us to eat and live. So, I push that worry away not to disappoint Him.
If you need a wedding announcement, baby announcement, invitations, or anything creative...a piece of art you'd like can contact me. My portfolio link is to the left, check it out!

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hey mal! Trust me... i know the feeling. I freelanced for 6 months. But God does provide.. at the most poignant of times and new discoveries about yourself lead into amazing places. I'll keep an eye out for things that come up and let you know. ;) you'll be fine!