Cloth Diapering

2:00 AM Mallory Nicole 0 Comments

We cloth diaper. I know, I know, it's the "hippy" thing to do. Why do we do it?

1 - There were at least two blow out diapers a week in disposables. Inevitably, it would happen on a Sunday right before I put him in the nursery, and it would get on his clothes and mine.

2 - The cost. It seems so expensive at first, but cost compare. Up front you put in some money, but in the end you save so much. With Soren we'll save about $500, and if we have another child, $1000 more.

3 - I will admit that the green factor had a big pull for me. Did you know it takes 300 years for disposables to begin to break down? That means any disposable ever made hasn't started breaking down. I had a little bit of guilt every day that I was using 10 diapers. Let me add that I don't look down on those using disposables, the green thing was just my own internal struggle.

We use a stash of 11 diapers. We use one brand - bumGenius - so we don't have to match inserts to the waterproof cover. We wash daily, because we don't like to have any smell linger and the whole process is much easier than all of the info online made it seem!

I tell any friend who is about to have a baby to consider it, and I have had a couple who made the switch and are so happy they did!

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