Soul Mates

2:00 PM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments

I never believed in "the one." I still don't. I like the idea, it's so romantic, but it's a story for fiction. My husband knows. It's ok. He doesn't believe in it either.

Our first year of marriage I would often say "I think God had several men that I could have married." I know, the stuff of love poems...and epic...novels? And I didn't mean I could have married someone who treated me horribly, or Daniel. I meant there were several good men that I could have met at some point in life and married.

Now comes the romantic part:
God knew exactly what he was doing when he put Daniel in my life. He gets me. Those other boys I wasted crushes and thoughts on could not have made me happy. Even if they become wonderful husbands to lovely women, it would not have been the same. I read recently that you don't marry your soul mate, you become soul mates in marriage. Coming on to (only) our fourth year of marriage I see the purpose God had in bringing Daniel to me. And I look forward to 60 years of marriage when I think of this post and laugh. I married a man I love, and I hope to die married to my soul mate.

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Liz said...

Like that picture of yall!
I was just thinking how happy I am with Matt and happy that it's been almost 9 years we've been together now and I still really like him!