The Eames

8:38 AM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments


Life would be so beautiful if everything was designed with the sensibility of Charles and Ray Eames.
Many of their designs are part of my dream furniture. Especially the Lounge Chair and Ottoman below. It's on my amazon wishlist. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Eames, you should look them up! They are a fascinating creative couple, designing during the mid 20th century. Their product design is iconic of mid-century modern.

You can find their products here.


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Tabitha said...

FROM Tabitha W.


I recently found and fell in love with the Eames bird. I figure I will probably never be able to afford the Eames rocker that I covet, but maybe, just maybe one day I could afford the bird as part of my home decor as a nod to my architecture past and my love to all thing Eames.

Here is a link if you are interested: