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Apartment Therapy started a "Style Cure" for the month; if you sign up, then they send emails helping you transform one room in your house. I was curious, so I signed up...not knowing what room I would do. My house has  "formal" living and dining room that are essentially one room. We started out using our "formal" living as a library/music room. In an effort to keep our house child friendly, we moved all books and knick knacks up 2 shelves, designating the bottom portion as Soren's toy shelves. So now we have one room that is a dining room, play room and library.

Thursday I was told to think about one part of my house that is perfect in my mind. I immediately knew it was the piano. On top we have jars painted gold, a figure of a lady painted neon pink, a record player and records.

Now I'm collecting images for inspiration. Here are a few that I liked:

neon leg accent for my black table

illustration, cute baskets and use of rugs

a new pendant light for my dining room

hooks for dress up clothing

I'm hoping to paint this giant room a light gray, but I'm not up for the task by myself. Maybe, if I had 10 people come over with a roller, it would take no time at all? Who is up for it? ;)

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