Almost 10 Months Old

9:03 AM Mallory Nicole 0 Comments

We have a goofball! He makes about 10,000 different faces a minute. Each age truly is more fun.

How about that top left photo? Cracks me up. He'll probably hate me for that photo when he's 12. But for now he doesn't care!

What I am loving about this current age:

• High fives
• Proud smiles when he does something new.
• Watching him explore the house. I love seeing him grab toys, pull up on everything, look out windows. Downside: my floors are never clean enough. He always finds something to put in his mouth.
• The comfort he finds in his blanket. He grabs a corner of it while sucking his thumb.
• I've started getting kisses from him. The other day I was laying on the floor, and he crawled over and kissed my forehead. It melted my heart.
• Whistling...he whistles! I didn't know this would be a thing, but it is.
• He likes being chased. Just a few days ago he started playing with us. He crawls at super speed and laughs while you crawl behind him. Yesterday he tried to get Samson to chase him, but it didn't really work.
• Rolling toys. He started by rolling a cylinder around, and then we showed him a car can roll, too. I'll be in the kitchen and hear the rattle of the car on tile.

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