Golden Jars - Create It Yourself

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    Christmas is at our house this year, and we're super excited. To make it special I wanted to have    
    place settings for everybody. I've been saving glass jars and bottles for a while, planning to do 
    something with them, and I finally figured out the perfect use.
    Here is how to complete this project:
    1. Scrub EVERY bit of the wrapper and glue off of your jars/bottles. Hot water helps get 
    the glue off. 
          *Paint is not a cover up, if anything, it emphasizes any glue or wrapper left on the bottle.
    2. Once they're dry, use blue tape to cover areas you don't want painted. Some of my jars have 
    patterns, and I tried to make others look like they were dipped in gold.
    3. Paint.  (I used a gold metallic spray paint, but you can use whatever you want)
      - Cover a large area with plastic, because spray paint spreads especially when it's windy. 
      - Be sure to cover the opening of the bottle so paint doesn't get inside.
      - The first coat of spray paint should not be the last. Spray painting is better with multiple 
         thin coats. 
      - Wait 15 minutes between each coat, and let dry for 30 minutes before handling it.
    4. Remove tape once jars dry, and display.

    The photo above is an example of what happens when you don't aim.

This is not the complete place setting, but it is a complete jar.
Did I mention I'm excited about Christmas? I AM!

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