Time Well Spent

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It is weird that going home by myself just made me feel like I was on Spring Break during my early college years. I didn't have to miss Daniel, because it was like being in another part of my life.
These photos are some of my favorite moments at home.
Photo 1: Never EVER estimate the will of Becky Buck (my mom); if she thinks something needs to get done, it will! In this case, a fake tree on this ledge, only reachable by one of those giant ladders, needs to come down. Of course, her thought is, those ladders are too troublesome to actually use. Solution? Tip over tree with 20ft pole. What you are seeing is what happens when you tip it...it hangs upside down. And I'm smart enough to know that she'll drop it on my head if I get near it. So I just take a picture. 20 seconds after this photo the tree falls to the floor, almost flatting my dog, while my mom and I crack up at the clumsy take down of that tree. My dad rolled his eyes when we told him.

Photo 2: My dad looks like he's concentrating on something REALLY important. He's really just watching CSI.

Photo 3: Samson has no issue posing, much to the envy of my mom. I saw a basket, and thought "Puppy in a basket? Why not?"
Last week was full of pretty good laughs. My mom is funny!

I really look forward to showing you a couple of projects I've been working on!

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