A Glimpse of Truth?

4:38 PM Mallory Nicole 0 Comments

 Often I cannot easily relay a dream to someone else, as I'm sure many have trouble, mostly due to being in one place, and suddenly we're in another. As I thought about it, I realized that our subconscious may be able to grasp a lack of time.

If God exists outside of time, if it is just part of the curse that man took when they fell in the Garden of Eden, then reality is eternity and a lack of time. Maybe our subconscious is the only part of us that can grasp this. Maybe our dreams are the only place where we can fathom things that rationalization hinders.

These are the thoughts that the name of this blog comes from.

By the way, I dream A LOT. I have a couple of dreams a night. Sometimes 4.

Do you have crazy dreams that you understand while having them, but the more you go through your day, the foggier they get?

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