Soren Visits the Zoo

2:00 PM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments

On Soren's birthday Daniel and I wanted time with just the three of us to open present, go to the zoo and try ice cream.

First he "opened" his present from us. This series of photos makes it seem as though he peeked into the bag and was really excited about what he got. In reality, he was playing with the bag and then started "singing." He never actually opened the present; the gift bag was far more exciting.

We enjoyed looking at the meerkats. One happened to sit right next to the glass so his first animal viewing was easy to see.

 Elephants were a pretty big hit. He actually laughed at them, and I could have stood there with him all day, but knowing our time was limited with good spirits, we moved on.

Since it's still in the 90s in October, we enjoyed the misting fans a lot. We probably got the most smiles out of him while at the fans. I love the way his hair flies!

He also enjoyed a few monkeys. I have ice cream tasting photos on my phone. But really the video captures the experience much better. He enjoyed his first taste of sugar and ate most of our ice cream. We let him since it was his birthday.

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