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Generosity has been on my mind a lot. There seems to be a tendency, especially in the media, to expect the rich 1% to give their money, because they have it. When you consider our lives compared to most of the world, we have it good, too. What can we give up to give to someone struggling?

Beyond money we have so many other things we can give: time, services, words. And words have been what I’ve been thinking about the most. It’s so easy to talk bad about someone or criticize, isn’t it? But our world is full of it. Why not compliment a stranger on an outfit? Or tell a friend that you are proud of them for something specific? Our world could use more kindness.

I’ve been trying to make an effort lately, but you know what stops me? Pride. I don’t want to be embarrassed, or for someone to think I am saying something for self-serving purposes. It doesn’t matter what other people think if my heart is in it, and really…it’s just a lousy excuse.

Look for ways to encourage people this week whether they are strangers, acquaintances or friends.

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cal+claire said...

Someone who truly knows you should know you aren't passing out compliments lightly or for self-serving purposes. Don't worry!
I agree though, pride is a big one. I don't want to look like an idiot putting myself out there. But here's to doing that anyway. If I was holding a glass, I would raise it.