Soren's Birthday Wishlist

1:17 PM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments

Soren is turning one in less than a month. I can't believe it! Here are a few things on his list:

1. Books - Stuck, This Moose Belongs to Me, and Dragons Love Tacos. I love well illustrated books so much. It's a bit selfish to put on his list, but someday he'll appreciate it. ;)

2. I just thought this was the cutest thing! You can get it at Zara.

3. This backpack is sooo cute! I'd love him walking around looking like a little dinosaur! I am secretly (not so anymore) hoping he gets really interested in dinosaurs.

4. In the Charlie and Lola books, Lola has an imaginary friend named Soren Lorensen. I grew up with an uncommon name, and it was SO exciting to have anything with my name in/on it. We know Soren will find little with his name on it, so this is perfect!

5. I love forts and tents so this one is so great to keep up.

6 and 7. More dinosaurs here and here.

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Liz said...

I agree he definitely needs to like dinosaurs! They're pretty much the most amazing thing ever.