Dear Soren

12:07 PM Mallory Nicole 2 Comments

My little Soren,

I've been reflecting a lot lately as we near your first birthday. The hard years are coming. The years where we have to actually "parent." It won't be a matter of keeping you alive and healthy like this past year has been, but we will have to teach and discipline. As we teach you and prepare you for life there are things I hope you know:

• We love you always and forever. When we take things away from you, put you in time out, or scold you, it's because we love you. If we let you do what you want it would reflect how poorly we love you as we are not preparing you for life.

• Jesus loves you. Even more than we could. He will challenge you and bring you joy. You won't always be happy, and you certainly won't have the best the world has to offer you always, but you are loved overwhelmingly, fiercely and completely.

• You should never relish in someone else's pain. Whether or not they deserve it. Bullies, thieves, murderers. Justice is important, but Mercy is necessary.

• Working hard is MUCH more important than being smart. Natural talent does not reflect on the character and discipline of someone. If you work your hardest to get straight C's we'll know you are of strong quality and character.

• How you look is perfect because you were created individually. Just take care of your body, and be confident in that.

There are so many other things you need to know. I'm overwhelmed that we have to teach so much. Forgive us as we fail!

I love you so much!


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Unknown said...

I love this letter! The first birthday is so magical. You are going to do great mama!

Thanks, Tani! We're pretty excited about all there is to come!