The Imagination of My Childhood

7:24 PM Mallory Nicole 1 Comments

Me - Circa 1994

When I was a little girl I would get lost in all kinds of daydreams: I could be a dolphin, I could have a best friend who was so small she could fit in my hand, I could find that I belonged in the ocean as a mermaid. They were beautiful daydreams that I really believed could come true. It wasn't that I couldn't understand reality, I just believed that there was magic in the world.

Now my daydreams are much less imaginative. When did I lose that? I didn't need to. I have to sleep, get lost in dream worlds to see such beautiful things that used to occupy my waking mind.

I want that back. I want to dream about the impossible as if they could happen. I want to watch Doctor Who and believe there is a crazy man who stole a box and is traveling through all of time and space!

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Anonymous said...

I think about that sometimes. I used to daydream all the time - long elaborate daydreams that were fun and exciting. Now I never do that. Why??