Split, Croatia

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Split was one of those ports I was glad to visit at the end. It was easy, and more about experiencing the Croatian culture than being a tourist. Unlike Dubrovnik, Athens and Ephesus, Split had a real life perspective. It seemed like there was a University near by the students we saw all over, as well as some stores we recognized.

From the cruise ship we had to take a tender to port, but once at the dock, you were in the city; for all of the other ports you needed some sort of transportation to get to the sites. The photo above is from the dock, and it was a spectacular view. There is quite an area to explore by foot where no cars can drive. There were so many locals at cafes in alleys enjoying wine or espresso.

There was also a HUGE farmer's market. We walked through the market where fruit was sold, and thought that was huge, then we saw it continued in another square, THEN we saw that the vegetable market was in another square. This was obviously how locals shopped, their way of life...it wasn't something people trying to be green, organic, or hip were doing. A much different perspective!

The photos above show the older part of the city, including a wall, that you can tour. It is definitely the most "touristy" spot you can visit.

What I didn't see until we were taking the tender back to the ship, but there was a beautiful beach tucked away behind cliffs. If I ever went back, I'd take a bus there!

Tips for Split:
Relax, enjoy, observe and eat gelato!

Only one more city to go...Venice. There are tons of photos to choose from for that post...we'll see if I can keep them down!

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Kate Dunkin said...

Your pictures are stunning Mallory! I'm going to charter Croatia next summer and coming across blogs like yours makes me even more excited to go. Thank you for sharing!

Mike Bishop7, thanks so much! I hear the national parks in Croatia are beautiful. Hope your adventure next summer is spectacular!

Teresa said...

Lovely! And I second the "eat more gelato" suggestion! (Although I have only had it in Italy, it is so good!)