About Mallory

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Hi! Glad you're here. I'm Mallory; let's be friends! If we're friends, here is what you need to know:

• I love to travel. My list gets longer everyday; you'll probably hear about my daydreams. We can day dream together.

• Audiobooks are amazing and make my chores much more delightful. I love reading, but have limited time to sit down to read my own books.

• I've been married to that guy ^^ for 9 years.  He's amazing! He is so supportive, and gracious. He's also super funny. And the calm to my sometimes crazy. If you don't know him, I feel bad for you.

 • I have three kids. They're adorable. And sweet.

 • We strive to live minimally, enjoy homeschooling, and find a simplicity a great lifestyle for our family.