The One Day It Was Cool Outside

"Now that I am 4, I can go down the big slide. We'll see what happens." And after 4 tries, he finally made it up two flights of steep stairs and down the slide. If you know my boy, you know he is cautious; the slide was a huge accomplishment, and I wish I could have caught a photo of his proud face. That 2 year old, though. She climbs things before she is probably able to do it well, and tried that slide. She ended up in a tangle at the bottom both times with tears. Next time baby girl.

Turning 2 & Turning 4

We crave simplicity in our lives often, so this year we just had grandparents over to celebrate our 2 & 4 year olds. Paw Patrol is pretty popular around here, as well as sprinkles, so I enjoyed making these little cakes.

I find myself shocked to have a preschool aged child, and we're officially out of the baby phase. Life is great with these two and so happy I get to be their mama. We're excited to see what 2 & 4 are like!

All Mine

Adelaide: you are bouncy and bright. You make everyone smile and lighten their day.
Soren: You are clever and sweet. You care about others and possess empathy I'm surprised to see in a young boy. You love to be silly and make people laugh, especially your sister.

 My new favorite photo of them.^^

San Francisco

San Francisco is beautiful to visit. There were clear skies most of the trip except the day we walked along a park and made our way closer and closer to the bridge. I was happy to be able to capture a little bit of Karl the Fog.


Two photos up, I saw these two fishing and it looked so fun being out on a rock like that. These calla lilies grow wild, you can visit Calla Lily valley in Big Sur, but we weren't able to get to that.

Big Sur

Big Sur. You are amazing, and even after hours spent with you, I was still amazed at every turn.
I dream about you constantly, with your epic views and calm beaches. One day, we will be back and give you the time you deserve.
Grateful for a husband who can frame a photo! ^

Golden Hour

We happened to be on a walk during golden hour and took turns taking some photos. These were some favorites.

Watching this boy learn new things is so amazing! I can't imagine having to learn all that he is in such a short time!

Handsome Man

This man has gotten more handsome than the day we got married! He just keeps getting more and more handsome. You know how people say they love their spouse more everyday? Well, this has nothing to do with that. My love hasn't made me think he is more handsome. He just is. I'm a lucky gal!

Besides that, he is awesome, and I do love him more everyday.